ODA 5XX Adventure Racing Team



What’s in a Name: ODA 5XX (Pronounced five ex ex, not five two times or five double ex) is an adventure racing team made up of members from the U.S. Army’s Fifth Special Forces Group at FT Campbell, KY. Within the Special Forces Group, the primary operational unit is the Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA); a twelve man team of highly trained Special Forces soldiers (sometimes referred to as “Green Berets”). Each ODA has its own number (such as 536, 552, 584, etc.) to give each team its own identity. Due to military training, exercises, and deployments, for each adventure race the members of ODA 5XX cannot all come from the same ODA. Consequently our team is named 5XX to highlight the fact that the team is mixture of several different ODAs.

Insurances for professionals – what you need

If you own a firm that gives advice or services, it is in your best interest to protect your business from claims of professional misconduct or malpractice.

Professional Indemnity insurance is perfect for firms that provide a service or advice to their clients. The purpose of this insurance is to protect your firm from claims for damages to third parties or legal costs, which may have been caused by your business.

professional-indemnity-insuranceIf an injury or financial loss is caused by your firm, that client is eligible to take legal action against you, to cover their losses. If this happens, the Professional Indemnity insurance is there to protect your assets, as well as your reputation.

Dealing with a professional conduct claim can take plenty of money, time, and it can ruin your reputation, regardless of if you are guilty or not. If a third party sues you, you might be the one responsible for everything, and that includes the actions of your partners, employees, and your own actions.

Every professional has to make sure that he will be covered if unfounded allegations or breaches of professional duty occur.

A Professional Indemnity insurance quote protects both your firm and you, and it provides cover if that type of claim happens, and that also includes the cost of defending the action, meaning that you will be able to run your business without the fear that your reputation and assets are unprotected.

A Professional Indemnity insurance policy is supposed to cover your business, but it should likewise cover any partner, employee, director, principal, or any relative of yours while performing their duties. Some of the things the insurance is supposed to be covering:

–          Cover for civil liabilities, and that should include a breach of duty, loss of or damage to documents, an infringement of intellectual property, defamation, and more things.
–          The property damage and bodily injury claims to arise from the professional services covered by the professional indemnity insurance policy.
–          Claims investigation costs, for example, costs of investigating, defending as well as the settling claims
–          The automatic reinstatement of the Policy Limit
–          The continuous cover extension

The list of the things professional indemnity insurance policy doesn’t cover:

–          Claims and circumstances knew before the period of insurance
–          Deliberately caused damage
–          Insolvency of the insured
–          Contractual liability
–          Terrorism


The Top 5 Supplements You Need for Good Health


It is important to have a good diet in order to live a long life. If you want to be healthy and happy, you need to eat the right food and avoid anything that can be harmful to your health. However, aside from nutritious foods, you should also take supplements to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. You can also eat products that are especially made to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Quest bars are popular amongst gym-goers and bodybuilders. It is low in sugar and low in carbohydrates. Theirquest-bar protein bar contains 200 calories but just ½ gram of saturated fat. It also has 20 grams of protein. If you eat one of these protein bars, you already get to have 40% of your recommended daily protein intake. It also has 18 grams of fiber, which gives you about ¾ of your daily requirement. If you have a Quest bar coupon, you should try it out.

2. Multivitamins are also highly recommended. Even if you eat whole grains, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables on a regular basis, you may still experience a nutrient gap. This is why you also need to take multivitamins on a daily basis in order to make sure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs. There are multivitamins that contain age-specific and gender-specific formulas. Ideally, you should choose one that fits your needs. You can ask your doctor to help you choose the right multivitamin.

3. Fish oil can help prevent cognitive decline and heart diseases. According to researchers, fish oil supplements can help improve cognitive function. The omega-3 fatty acids that they contain are linked to high levels of HDL or good cholesterols, which can help improve your nutrient absorption and metabolism. If you are not fond of oily and fatty fish such as anchovies and salmon, see to it that you take fish oil supplements. Choose the ones with the highest EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. They are also beneficial to your cell membranes.

4. Vitamin D is a vital fat-soluble nutrient that supports your immune function, muscle, teeth, and bones. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to lack in this vitamin. Low levels of vitamin D can result in cancers, depression, weight gain, low bone density, and poor nutrient absorption. You can have your blood tested to see if you have sufficient amounts of vitamin D in your body. You can ask your doctor to help you choose a supplement. According to experts, you should take over 800 IU/day to receive the benefits of this vitamin.

5. Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth. Your bones actually have 99% of the total calcium in your body. Adequate levels of calcium are important in preventing blood clotting and muscle contraction. They are also necessary for proper nerve impulse transmission. If you do not receive enough calcium, you become at risk of osteoporosis, brittle bones, and fractures. The older you get, the more you have to pay attention to your calcium levels.


If you are a woman, you have to be extra mindful of your calcium levels since you are more susceptible to such conditions when you lose estrogen during menopause. You need to get 1000 mg to 1200 mg of calcium on a daily basis. If you are a woman, you need to get more such as 1500 mg to 2000 mg. You can get calcium from a variety of sources, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and green leafy vegetables. If you are having a hard time getting your recommended dietary allowance, you can turn to calcium supplements.